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FREEDOM from all those heavy & expensive in-bus install able devices of the Recent years. NO RFID Reader, NO RFID Writer, NO GPS Module, NO GSM Module, NO GPRS Module, Just download our Android App.

Two android apps With School Admin Panel

Parents app and Bus Driver app

bus tracker
bus tracker


Advance School Bus Tracking

School Admin Features

  • View your registered parents, drivers, and get statistics about mobile apps usage at a glance
  • Update school address - Google maps places API will show up a list of addresses that match your entered address
  • Manage drivers with add, read, update, and delete capabilities. Also, view the real-time location of a driver on the map
  • Manage parents with add, read, update, and delete capabilities. Also, view the pick-up/drop-off location of a parent on the map

Parents App Features

  • Parents can call the bus driver from the app.
  • App recieves the school bus location update in real time. Driver location tracked by parents who assigned to the driver.
  • Parents can set their preferred pick-up/drop-off location
  • Parents receive notifications according to their preferences.
  • Bus Left & Arrived school notification
  • Get ready! Bus will reach home soon
  • Bus arrived & left in your home notification
  • Child Check-in & Check-Out notification

Driver App Features

  • Driver can view the pick-up/drop-off location of all parents in map
  • Driver can search parents by name or mobile number and can call a parent from the app
  • Driver Can Check-in & check-out the child same will be notified in parents app

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